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top tips for birth partners to help you

Top tips for your birth partners to help you

Are you worried you may not get the support you want or need? Is your birth partner anxious that they won’t know how to help you in the way you need them to? Get your birth partner prepared before the big day by giving them a list of how they can help you in the best possible way. Here are the top tips for your birth partners to help you.

Top tips:

  1. Give positive encouragement and reassurance, speak quietly and gently, and use positive language
  2. If things seem to be getting intense – maintain eye contact and remain calm
  3. Plenty of massage (if wanted – not every women likes to be touched in labour!)
  4. Encourage slow and steady breaths – concentrating on a long outbreath
  5. Remind to relax the jaw, and drop the shoulders
  6. Encourage to eat easily digestible snacks, and keep hydrated
  7. Help to reapply lip balm, face mist, moisturiser as needed
  8. Act as advocate – explain both your needs  to healthcare staff and ensure they read your birth plan
  9. Remind care providers to ask for consent before they do any interventions
  10. Keep your own strength up – sandwiches, biscuits, drinks, rest
  11. Remember to enjoy the birth of your child together!
  12. Before making any big decisions – remember the acronym:

B enefits

R isks

A lternatives

I nstinct

N othing

Feel free to add any of your own tips!

These top tips for birth partners and more will be covered at my private antenatal workshop series for expectant parents. For more information and to book use the contact form.