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Hypnobirthing and the Power of Words!

I often get asked about Hypnobirthing and whether I recommend it. What you learn in a hypnobirthing course is very similar to certain aspects of pregnancy yoga, so I absolutely recommend it! Hypnobirthing addresses the impact of language use during someone’s pregnancy and birthing journey. Hypnobirthing teaches you the power of words have on your psyche. Let’s …

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The importance your pelvic floor muscles for an EASIER birth!

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the importance of the pelvic floor. It acts like a hammock for our internal organs. It holds up our uterus, bladder, intestines, (basically all your abdominal organs) in place. Throughout pregnancy with your uterus and baby growing and becoming heavier extra strain is placed on the pelvic floor. A weak …

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5 ways to minimise tearing in childbirth

5 ways to minimise tearing during childbirth

One of the most common concerns for women is the thought of tearing during childbirth. In fact, a quick google search using the keywords “how to reduce the risk of tearing during birth” shows about 380,000 results in 0.47 seconds! Occasionally, during the crowning of the head or birth of the shoulders the skin and …

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colostrum collection why you should do this

Colostrum Collecting – why you want to do this

Collecting colostrum is sometimes termed colostrum harvesting. This is when you hand express colostrum before your baby is born. In a survey in 2016 (by Gestational Diabetes UK), a whooping 77% were not happy with the information and support giving around colostrum harvesting at their hospital. This is one of the reasons why I talked …

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