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My pregnancy journey

My Pregnancy Journey: Finding Out

This is the story of my pregnancy journey. Time is flying by so quickly, and now I’m well into my third trimester. But it seems not that long ago that I was staring in disbelief at that little pink line on my pregnancy test.

I have an inkling…

So, let’s go back in time to the end of October 2019.

It was about 6am and I had been supporting my client in her home birth. I always count myself privileged to be invited to a family’s home during this momentous occasion.

I had been with my client for several hours and things were progressing well, so I called the second midwife to come. (We work in pairs during the labour and birth). I remember telling my colleague that I felt incredibly nauseous, my breasts felt tender. But I had had some light bleeding a few days before, which I took to be my period. Even though the bleeding was very mild and only lasted several hours rather than the usual 4 days. I guess I knew what the signs and my intuition were telling me, but I still doubted myself. We joked that I was maybe pregnant.

Anyway, I put the nausea feeling down to being awake all night and just needing sleep. Then my client’s husband made us some breakfast at around 8am, which I wolfed down because I was starving, but I noted I still was feeling very nauseous. I did actually feel like throwing up, but I couldn’t really ask my client who was in full blown labour to vacate the bathroom where she was labouring beautifully! So, I just practiced my 3-part yoga breath to relax my body and mind and just concentrated on supporting this strong mama-to-be at the end of her pregnancy journey.

Bus shelter pit stop

Fast forward to the evening at around 11pm, and my client had her gorgeous baby girl in her arms. It was a delight to leave mum and dad getting to know their new daughter. My colleague drove me back. I distinctly remember chatting with her – we were a little delirious after being awake for 23 hours but still full of oxytocin. Midwives also get that oxytocin high after a birth! I had her handbag on my lap, and it was gaping open. The nausea I felt all day surged like a huge wave. Before I vomited in her bag, I had to ask her to pull over at a bus stop on the Great West Road. I ran out and retched behind the bus shelter – classy, I know.

As soon as I got back in the car, she said – “it’s twins!”.

A few days later

A few days later, the smell of cheese and ham croissants from the Costa at the train station made me nauseous. Some of the food that B was cooking also made me queasy. Even the smell and taste of red wine at dinner was off.

So, I bought a pack of home pregnancy tests. I didn’t bother with any of the fancy home test sticks and just bought these 5 strips from Boots. B was still at work when I took the first and second test so I was home alone. I remember feeling nervous about looking at the result. It did not take 3 minutes to reveal the positive result – it was almost immediate. Two positive tests later, I was satisfied that it was confirmed.

positive pregnancy test - my pregnancy journey


My feelings? A whirlwind of emotions. Excited, apprehensive, nervous, happy, a little scared.

This pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned. It was wanted but I thought it would take a lot longer to fall pregnant, so it came as a total surprise.

Just to be doubly sure I took another 2 tests the following day. Yep, still positive. Only then I allowed myself to be excited about my little secret. And thus, my exciting journey started!


We think our little baby was possibly conceived whilst on holiday in Italy a few weeks back.

Tune in next week to read the continuation of my pregnancy journey. All about my first trimester, pregnancy yoga recommendations and tips to combat first trimester discomforts.