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Pregnancy Dynamic Yoga (60 min)

During these strange times of lockdown it is so important to continue to exercise your body and maintain good mobility. In my yoga classes, I like to cultivate a sense of community and togetherness in a time when our daily lives and routines have changed. We always start off with a round of introductions, checking how everyone is doing. Then after some stretching and strength-building and a lovely relaxation, we have a group chat. At this point I’m also offering a bonus midwife Q&A as I know maternity care services are changing and you may feel left on your own during this pregnancy.

Postnatal Yoga for Recovery and Strength (45 min) (with or without baby!)

Having had your baby, you may crave some contact with people outside your household! My classes provide a safe space for you to connect with other mums. We start off with a round of introductions, sharing what is new with you or your baby. Then we focus some movements and poses to help strengthen your body, as well as stretch and soothe aching and tight muscles so common in motherhood. We finish off with a guided relaxation (if babies allow) – because this time is all about self-care! 

This class is baby-led: if your baby needs feeding, cuddling please go ahead and do so.



Drop in class Pregnancy £9/class and Postnatal £8/class

You will need:

    • Mat, 2 cushions or pregnancy pillow, 1 blanket
    • Optional: hardback book to use as blocks
We will be using Zoom.
VIDEO LINK: Once you have paid – please check your spam folder for booking confirmation and video link.

Yoga for Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

My classes provide many benefits:

  • learn from an experienced midwife with plenty of tips and handy information
  • focus on your breath, be “in the moment”, feel calm, at ease, and stress-free
  • learn poses to aid optimum fetal positioning for a smoother birth
  • strengthen and tone to prepare you for labour, birth and motherhood
  • slow down your mind, shut everything else out and connect movement with breath
  • relax with aromatherapy
  • strengthen the bond between you and your baby
  • practice with rebozo sifting if needed (during one-to-one classes)


pregnancy yoga class by The Yoga Midwife Relaxation during Pregnancy yoga class

Private sessions 

private pregnancy yoga session

If you are after a one-to-one session instead of group yoga classes get in touch to ask for availability of private sessions.

Private one-to-one sessions at your own home – please enquire for time slots – (prices start at £70 for 75min session; £300 for 5 sessions).

For my private classes – you can pay prior to the class start.

Get in touch to book your time slot and access to online payment.