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placenta smoothie

Eating your own placenta: weird hippy fad or nutritious & delicious?

There is a growing trend in eating your own placenta for health benefits – this is called placentophagy. You may have heard of some people eating their own placenta and raving about the benefits. Or you may get squeamish at the thought of eating an organ that your body has made! In my last instagram …

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COVID-19 and breastfeeding

Prepare for Coronavirus in Pregnancy

To prepare for Coronavirus in pregnancy carry on reading. As an Independent Midwife, one of the most important things I can do is to empower you with information. Pregnant women do not appear to be more severely affected if they develop COVID-19 infection than the general population, unless they have an underlying condition such as …

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breathing in ocean air

Breathing during labour

During pregnancy yoga, we do several exercises to stretch the sides of your body to give more space for your lungs. We also practise using the breath to help focus the mind and body in labour. This regulates our breathing rate and ensure we are getting enough oxygen to your lungs and to your baby. …

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